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In this website there's information on amusement games in the Arcade Games pages and the on the ZX Spectrum Games pages. Play Treasure Crypt, a clone of a Castle Games Domain game, my text based games Batty and Football Manager 2000 and watch my demo Resarf The Multi-Scrolling Text Demo on the Turbo Pascal games page. Have a look at the Commodore Amiga programs including the Doop Remix demo.


Please listen to Random MIDI Music or Random Amiga Music while you look about my website.

Treasure Crypt screenshots 2

Treasure Crypt

Doop Remix screenshot

Doop Remix


This is pictures from games and demos from The Batty Compilation. They have been programmed in Turbo Pascal and run in Ms-Dos. Click on a picture to look at the screenshot or click download and choose run to install.


For more info on The Batty Compilation check the Turbo Pascal games page.

Football Manager 2000 screenshot

Football Manager 2000

Batty screenshot



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