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Bomb Jack 



Game: Bomb Jack


Publisher: Tehkan


Year: 1984



Platform: Arcade


Ports: bomb-jack (ZX Spectrum)


MIDI Music: N/A




A Superb platform game with gameplay that gives more than a passing nod to Namco's seminal "Pac-man". The object of the game is to collect bombs, and all bombs must be collected to complete a screen. Extra bonuses are awarded for collecting bombs with their fuses lit. When Bomb Jack gets killed, he drops to the nearest platform - always landing on his head. Only one bomb at a time has a lit fuse; collect 20 or more of these lit bombs on a level for a bonus (see 'Tips and Tricks' for details). Avoid the various monsters who chase you.

The four different background pictures that feature in the game are: the Sphinx, skyscrapers, a castle, and a cityscape by night. A powerball appears at semi-regular intervals, if the players grabs this, all of the monster freeze for a few seconds and can then be killed by Bomb Jack (similar to the 'powerpill' in "Pac-man"). Collect the 'Bonus' symbols to increase the score for each lit bomb collected. Pick up an 'Extra' symbol for an additional man and a 'Special' symbol for an extra credit. Levels begin to repeat after level 18.



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