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Super Hang-On 



Game: Super Hang-On


Publisher: Sega


Year: 1992



Platform: Arcade


Ports: super-hang-on (ZX Spectrum)


MIDI Music: shangonpack.zip




For this sequel to the superb 1985 original, Sega introduced the hilly, undulating roads that had been executed so superbly in 1986's "Out Run". The already fantastic gameplay was further enhanced with the introduction of the 'turbo' : upon reaching the bike's maximum speed, players could press and hold the turbo button and push the bike to a breathtaking speed - something that was necessary to beat the game's extremely tight time limits. This had to be used judiciously, however, as the increase in speed made the bike harder to control and accelerating at the wrong time would invariably see a head-on collision with the many road-side objects that litter the stages.



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