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Browser Compatibility 

This website has been tested and working OK on the following browsers

  • Internet Explorer 6

  • AOL 9.0

  • Msn Explorer 7

  • Avant browser

  • Netscape 7.1

  • Mozilla Firefox v1.0


It's best viewed with Internet Explorer 6 and with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. If some objects are out of place, try changing the text size to medium or normal size. If the site is too large, try increasing the screen resolution or use full-screen.


The website displays incorrectly on Opera v7.5. So kindly use another browser.


Netscape and Mozilla


If there's a problem with underline hyperlinks. Uncheck the 'Underline links'  in the 'Fonts & Colors' options. Sometimes the corners of the site and the logo at the top of the page is missing.


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Best viewed at 1280x1024 with Internet Explorer 11

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