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This is my collection of Commodore Amiga demo modules. They are from various public domain demos and games. You will need a program like DeliPlayer 2 to listen to the modules or play the MP3 files on Windows Media Player.


Click here for the DeliPlayer's website and download the free player. I converted all the files into MP3 format and extended the duration of some of them. Some of the music are from demos on the Commodore Amiga Demos page and also check this page for more Amiga music.


Listen to Random Amiga Music


Demo Title Size Format MP3 Download
Hybris_Ingame.cust 22K CUST Hybris_Ingame.mp3 (6MB)
Hybris_Title.cust 17K CUST Hybris_Title.mp3 (5MB)
I_Am_The_Law.mod 175K MOD I_Am_The_Law.mp3 (6MB)
JamesPond2_Title.mod 135K MOD JamesPond2_Title.mp3 (5MB)
Lambada.mod 62K MOD Lambada.mp3 (4MB)
N/A N/A N/A Leander.mp3 (4MB)
Lost-in-time.mod 177K MOD Lost-in-time.mp3 (7MB)
Lotus_Esprit_2.mod 67K MOD Lotus_Esprit_2.mp3 (4MB)
Lotus_Esprit_Title.mod 73K MOD Lotus_Esprit_Title.mp3 (4MB)
Lotus_Esprit_Track_3.mod 74K MOD Lotus_Esprit_Track_3.mp3 (4MB)
Magic_Pockets.mod 266K MOD Magic_Pockets.mp3 (4MB)
Miami_Chase.mod 81K MOD Miami_Chase.mp3 (6MB)
Monday.mod 16K MOD Monday.mp3 (4MB)
My_Amiga_Is_Dead.mod 50K MOD My_Amiga_Is_Dead.mp3 (4MB)
Necroscope.mod 40K MOD Necroscope.mp3 (5MB)
Never_Ending_Story_2.okt 44K OKT Never_Ending_Story_2.mp3 (5MB)
N/A N/A N/A Ninja_Warriors.mp3 (3MB)
Paranoimia-1.cust 6K CUST Paranoimia-1.mp3 (5MB)
Paranoimia-2.cust 12K CUST Paranoimia-2.mp3 (9MB)
Phantasmagoria.mod 135K MOD Phantasmagoria.mp3 (7MB)
Predator_2_Title.mod 62K MOD Predator_2_Title.mp3 (4MB)
Puggs_in_space.mod 12K MOD Puggs_in_space.mp3 (3MB)
Push_Over.med 12K MED Push_Over.mp3 (4MB)
Rainbow_Islands.jpo 7K JPO Rainbow_Islands.mp3 (3MB)
Rainbow_Islands2_01.med 15K MED Rainbow_Islands2_01.mp3 (4MB)
Rainbow_Islands2_02.med 7K MED Rainbow_Islands2_02.mp3 (4MB)
RS1.mod 208K MOD RS1.mp3 (4MB)
R-type_Title.mod 146K MOD R-type_Title.mp3 (7MB)

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