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History of the site





History of the site



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Since I have worked on this homepage, there has been various designs. In the 1 year of making this site, at the time of writing, I have spent a lot of the time improving the website. I have been learning more about the internet, designing websites and SEO.


When I had the idea of making this page, I searched through my backups looking for earlier versions of this site and I found 3 complete websites. I still didn't have some designs. So I scanned my hard disk looking for deleted html files. I made some of the webpage's before I formatted the hard disk and reinstalled Windows. I was lucky and found another 3 designs.


I changed all the links from absolute to relative and removed all the download links, to save web space. I kept all the screenshots and you can still navigate through each site.


If some objects are out of place, try changing the text size to medium or normal size. If the site is too large, try increasing the screen resolution or use full-screen. On Netscape 7.1 and Mozilla Firefox v1.0, the websites partially function right, so kindly use another browser.



Future plans for the site


Once I learn how to install a database with the homepage. I will use databases for the link partners directory, guestbook and a members log in. Having an automatic link directory will hopefully save me a lot of time, when exchanging links.


In the near future, I will be adding lots of pages with information on Spectrum and Amiga games. Also making a page about freeware programs.


I plan to learn Visual Basic. Then move onto VB.net and ASP. This will let me do programming on the homepage. At some point I will switch from FrontPage to Dreamweaver, for making web pages.


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