MIDI File Help 

There's a lack of MIDI instrument samples that are installed on Windows 8. Follow the below steps to make MIDI music files sound better.


(1) Download VirtualMIDISynth
(2) Click the Soundfont webpage FluidR3_GM
(3) Download the Soundfont Chaos_V20.sfArk
(4) Uncompress Chaos_V20.sfArk file using sfArk SoundFont Compression. Download the "Original (old) Windows version".
(5) Windows 8 and 10 no longer supports Windows MIDI Mapper. Use CoolSoft MIDIMapper to output the MIDI files to VirtualMIDISynth.

(1) On Windows Control Panel\CoolSoft MIDIMapper. Select VirtualMIDISynth.
(2) On VirtualMIDISynth, load Soundfont "Chaos_V20.sf2"
(3) If VirtualMIDISynth MIDI Mapper does not work then use CoolSoft MIDIMapper instead
(4) Restart computer



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