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Pac-man Instructions 

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Game Name: Pacman
Game Category: 007Specials
Game Type: Flash
File Type: Arcade Game
Game Rating: Not Rated (N/R)
Game Created With: Macromedia Shockwave Flash

Game Description: The Old School Game Of Strategy And Wit. Here's a fantastic idea for a brand new computer game. Firstly, there's this yellow blob (with a mouth) which has to roam round a maze swallowing little pills. Meanwhile, four ghosts (named Blinky, Pinky, Inkey, and of course, Clyde) are chasing you as you listen to a high-pitched wailing noise. I'm not insinuating Namco were off their heads when they came up with the concept, but I wonder if there is a hidden meaning. The more pills you eat, the higher you get (no pun intended) where the ghosts become more meddlesome and the bonus fruit more exotic. OK, it's barmy, but I luv it.

Game Instructions: Use the arrow keys to guide Pac-Man.

P - Pause/unpause game
Q - Quit game
M - Mute/unmute sound
L - Low quality on/off

You Navigate Your Pacman By Using The Up, Down, Left, And Right Arrow Keys.

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