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Snake Instructions 

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Game Name: Snake
Game Category: 007Specials
Game Type: Flash
File Type: Arcade Game
Game Rating: Not Rated (N/R)
Game Created With: Macromedia Shockwave Flash

Game Description: This game has been around since sometime last century, but it only recently took off since it came as standard on Nokia mobile phones (or 'cellphones' as those crazy Americans like to say). My Snake is a back-to-the-roots version of the game, with cheap sound effects and a slight plasticky feel. The idea is to guide the snake to eat the food. The sooner you eat, the more you score. And just like real food-eating snakes, the more you gobble, the fatter you become. And don't eat the walls they taste of awful. A Fun Game That Involves Speedy Hands.

Game Instructions: Navigate Your Slug, Worm, Or Python With The Arrow Keys. You are the moving dots, try to run over the non moving dots, and don't run over yourself or hit any walls. How big can you get? Use Arrow keys to move~!

Use the arrow keys to guide the snake.
Pause game - Spacebar or P

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