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Space Invaders Instructions 

Game Name: Space Invaders
Game Category: 007Specials
Game Type: Flash
File Type: Arcade Game
Game Rating: Not Rated (N/R)
Game Created With: Macromedia Shockwave Flash

Game Description: Another Old School Game Of Addition, Only, You Must Shoot Alien Invaders Instead Of Eating Gems. I absolutely love this game, it's a flash game of the popular arcade game called Space Invaders in flash! Japanese company Taito had the inspired idea around 1978 that killing aliens was extremely good fun. So they invented a game called Space Invaders, lots of history then followed, some people got rich and so on...  It's a simple game with simple graphics, but it has one of the most vital assets for any computer game gameplay. Modern games seem to forget this with their fancy 3D graphics and millions of dollars. All you need is a pointy green thing which shoots white stuff at a rampaging invasion of wobbling blobs. They don't make 'em like they used to.

Game Instructions: Yea...Youre gonna want to just shoot all the ships that are shooting you...Does that make sense?

Left arrow - Move left
Right arrow - Move right
Space - Fire laser

P - Pause/unpause game
Q - Quit game
S - Small scale version

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