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The Castle Games Domain was an online multi-player gaming website. Yahoo purchased Castle Games Domain from BTOpenworld in 2004, which brought the end of the games site. Other names for this website where GD, CGD, Castle GamesDomain and The Castle. Some of the games on CGD were Quad Link, Treasure Crypt, Cyber Wars and Battle Thingz. After CGD closed down I recreated the Treasure Crypt game using the Ms-Dos programming language Turbo Pascal. Note. The game uses the keyboard (cursor keys) for the controls and not the joystick or mouse. If the game is running too fast or slow press + and - to change the speed.




Treasure Crypt (315 K) Source

Self-Extract (572 K)




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(Pictures from the Treasue Crypt clone)


Treasure Crypt screenshots 1 Treasure Crypt screenshots 4 Treasure Crypt screenshots 2 Treasure Crypt screenshots 3  


(Pictures from the original game)


Treasure Crypt game Treasure Crypt game Cyber Wars lobby    


Previous Versions


  Treasure Crypt Ver1 Treasure Crypt Ver2 Treasure Crypt Ver3  

Self-Extract (396 K)

Self-Extract (396 K)

Self-Extract (400 K)





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