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The idea of the game is to reach tile 0 without losing all the characters in the team.


There are two teams in the game. Your team are in the box at the top of the screen and the enemies team are in the yellow boxes. The teams are made up of characters and each character can hold a certain amount of items, depending on the weight of the items. Each team has 2 main fighters and the strongest fighter is the speaker of the team. These are the 2 characters who have the highest strength and range combined.



Each room you go through will have random enemy characters. To the left there is a number of options to choose from.

Talk option

Use Talk if the character your talking to has not got 0% friendly. Say your talking to the adventurer. He has 40% friendly and 20% hostile. So there's a 40% chance he will join your team and there's a 20% chance he will be hostile and attack.

Attack option

Use Attack if the character has 0% friendly and your team are stronger than the enemies team. This will lead to the battle scene.

Pick up option

Picking up the items in the room will increase your teams strength and increase the score.

Battle scene

The battle scene is won by the team with the highest strength and range combined, plus a random number of 6. The teams strength is worked out by the 2 main fighters strength, all characters range and the strength of the weapons. If you lose a battle then one of the 2 main fighters are lost, including what items the fighter had. If you win a battle then Pick Up the items in the room

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