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Turbo Pascal games instructions 

This is games and demos I have programmed in Turbo Pascal, over the last few years. The software is free to use. The source code can be found in the Zip files.




Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/ME/XP

At least an Intel 386 processor

Ms-Dos (most PC's have Ms-Dos)

A Zip Utility program to uncompress the zip files. Check the free WinZip Evaluation Version.


Windows XP x64 Edition doesn't support Ms-Dos, although there are 3rd-party software emulators such as DOSBox that can be used to run DOS programs.




Press a link to download. When the download box comes up choose save to computer. Select the directory where you want the file saved. Once downloaded to hard drive, unzip the file. Then run the .exe program. If you need any help with this then send me an email.


With the Self-Extract links, choose run or open when the download box comes up. Its easier to run a program using these links, but takes longer to download.


Note. With the Self-Extract links. For the best display, press CTRL + ENTER to change to Ms-Dos Full-Screen Mode. Press + and - to change the speed of the programs.

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