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Treasure Crypt (315 K)  Source

Self-Extract (572 K)


A clone of the multi-player game treasure crypt of castle games domain. Sadly the castle closed down and I decided to make a similar game.


Look at the Castle Games Domain page for more info and the Treasure Crypt FAQ for help running the program.



Noughts & Crosses (100 K)  Source

Self-Extract (110 K)


A Ms-Dos version of noughts & crosses. Play with 4 different modes.

  • 2 Players

  • 1 Player vs. Computer

  • Computer vs. Computer

  • Play a friend over the internet with the 2 player link-up.


Message (20 K)  Source

Self-Extract (328 K)


Chat room program. Speak to someone else on this website, if anyone is connected. Currently only works with 2 users.

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