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Turbo Pascal resarf sequence 

Check this Resarf Sequence called sample1. It's been converted to an animated gif with 1500 frames. In Resarf The Multi-Scrolling Text Demo, you can make your own sequence, watch a random sequence or one of the samples I done. The animation displays incorrectly on Windows Media Player so click left mouse button to display on your internet browser.


  resarf-animation-640x400.gif (2.6 MB), Small
  resarf-animation-1280x800.gif (6 MB), Large

Listen to some Random MIDI Music or Random Amiga Music while watching the video.

The below files are more recordings of the demo. The videos are best viewed on Windows Media Player full screen.

  resarf_recording1.avi (19.5 MB), 00:22:45
  resarf_recording2.avi (25.8 MB), 00:37:27
  resarf_recording3.mpg (877 MB), 00:52:56

The Reverse Resarf videos are the resarf_recording1 to resarf_recording3 videos recorded in reverse.

  reverse_resarf1.mpg (287 MB), 00:22:46
  reverse_resarf2.mpg (393 MB), 00:37:28
  reverse_resarf3.mpg (855 MB), 00:52:56

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